Pool Maintenance Tips As Temperatures Drop

Having a nice, cool swimming pool to jump into when temperatures are at their highest here in Florida is a gift. Days get hot out here and at times it feels as if the only option for cooling off is to jump into a pool, or the next best thing. The good news is, temperatures will start to decline in the next couple of weeks as we enter fall. The bad news is, that wonderful pool of yours won’t be getting nearly as much attention as it was during the summer.

The one thing that is always constant with a swimming pool, regardless of weather, is maintenance. Now, a swimming pool is no small investment, which is exactly why you want to make sure that you’re taking good care of it even when it’s not going to be used quite as much.

In today’s blog post, the team at Always Clear Pool Cleaning is going to go over a few maintenance tips that you should be prepared for as we start to transition to cooler days. Let’s dive right in, no pun intended.

Thorough Cleaning

Even if your pool isn’t getting used nearly as much, you are going to want to continue cleaning it as if it is. Cleaning your pool is something that not only makes the pool more enjoyable for you and other swimmers, but deep cleaning also ensures that all of the systems of your pool continue to function for years to come. Even though it may not be your sweat or skin cells that the pool is working to clean, the pool is still working to ensure that the water is safe to swim in. Make sure that you’re checking your filter, vacuuming regularly, and emptying your debris traps.

If it sounds like more than you want to take on during this time of year, hire a professional pool cleaning company to tackle the job.

Balance Chemicals

Another form of maintenance that you’re going to need to continue to do for your pool is balance chemicals. So long as there is water in the pool, there need to be chemicals that keep the water safe to swim in. Even if you’re not planning on swimming in the pool regularly, chemicals need to be added and checked — regularly! Even if you’re doing it once a week, you can at the very least guarantee that the water is safe for someone to be in.

Water Levels

Something that you should be familiar with by now are the changes in water levels that will happen to your pool. Be it rainfall or heat, the levels of your pool surely shift pretty often. Evaporation is something that we can’t avoid and that we don’t see happening, so it’s easy to leave it as something that’s out of sight, out of mind. With that being said, if too much water in your pool ends up evaporated, you may find yourself with low water levels. For that reason, we suggest monitoring water levels closely as well.

If you’re going to be checking chemicals once a week, make sure that you make a note of the water levels. In the case that water is low, shorten the period of time in between each time that you check. This will help ensure that your pool never hits dangerously low levels of water, which can be bad for the various systems of your pool.

Put A Cover Over The Pool

If you’re not planning on using the pool, investing in a quality cover is something that you absolutely need to do if you haven’t already. A pool cover is a great way to protect the water and the pool’s systems from any debris or animals that could find their way into the water. These also make a huge difference in the amount of cleaning and maintenance that you’ll have to do for the pool.

While today’s blog is about maintenance that you need to keep up with during the cooler seasons here in Florida, a pool cover is a fantastic investment that can help to minimize your work in the summer too. So, if you don’t have one and you’re considering a cover simply for the season, know that it can be incredibly beneficial at other times of the year as well.

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The maintenance that needs to happen to your pool before draining it for the next season is extremely important. The overall cleanliness of your pool can ensure that your pool looks great for years and functions as needed. If you haven’t already cleaned your outdoor pool, count on the team at Always Clear Pool Cleaning, the Top Rated Local® Pool Cleaning Company in Brevard County, to get the job done.

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