Our Services

We offer a variety of services to help your pool stay “Always Clear”. If you think that Always Clear Pool Cleaning may be right for you or if you have questions about our services, please Contact Us.

Scheduled Pool Cleaning
Brevard County Pool Cleaning

Our high quality regular pool service is affordable, reliable, and very professional. We go that extra mile to ensure a consistently high level of service and our customers love us for it. Regular pool service is performed weekly.

Casual Pool and Spa Cleaning
Brevard County Pool Cleaning

If you just need a little help with your pool or spa maintenance then give Always Clear Pool Cleaning a call or Contact Us.  We can perform a water chemistry test, inspect equipment and give everything a good cleaning.

Pressure Washing
Brevard County Pool Cleaning

Always Clear Pool Cleaning also provides pressure washing. We use superior technology, customized cleaning formulas, and years of experience to give your home the attention it needs.

Green Pool & Other Serious Problems
Brevard County Pool Cleaning

Many pool owners have in some time experienced a green pool or other problem that requires special attention.  At Always Clear Pool Cleaning, we can give you a free quote to make your pool Always Clear.