Our Services

We offer a variety of services to help your pool stay “Always Clear”. If you think that Always Clear Pool Cleaning may be right for you or if you have questions about our services, please Contact Us.

Year Round Weekly Full Service Pool Cleaning
Brevard County Pool Cleaning

Our high quality regular pool service is affordable, reliable, and very professional. We go that extra mile to ensure a consistently high level of service and our customers love us for it. Regular pool service is performed weekly.

Green Pools
Brevard County Pool Cleaning

Many pool owners have in some time experienced a green pool or other problem that requires special attention.  At Always Clear Pool Cleaning, we can give you a free quote to make your pool Always Clear.

Black Pools
Brevard County Pool Cleaning

The most serious of all pool situations, Black Pools occur either over a short period of time such as when a hurricane pushes the river up and over into your pool, or there has been a long period of time where the pool equipment has not been working and major debris has collected on the bottom of the pool. The length of time that it sits there has caused leaf material to rot and turn white. When one tries to net it out the leaves disintegrate, and clog the net, and or pool filter. One way to fix this situation and return the pool to a clear and well functioning one is to use a specially rigged pump, and vacuum the debris out of the pool bottom bypassing nets and filters. The second way is to empty the pool entirely, clean and power wash, then refill the pool. Contact us for a quote to get your pool wonderful again!!

Nitrates Removal
Brevard County Pool Cleaning

Nitrates can promote the growth of algae in swimming pool water and can enter the water from such sources as: decaying plant matter, fertilizers, contaminated well or sprinkler water, acid rain, contamination with soil, ground water runoff, bird or other droppings, bather wastes, urine and sweat. Nitrates are a vital plant nutrient and the presence in swimming pool water, above 10-25 PPM, can cause accelerated algae growth in poorly maintained pools. Pools, that are properly maintained, usually do not have unexpected difficulty controlling algae, even in the presence of low levels of nitrates. Higher levels of nitrates can make algae control more difficult, and will increase the amount of chlorine required to maintain satisfactory control of algae. There is no known easy way to rid a pool of Nitrates. The most practical and common method is to remove all the water from your pool, followed by a complete power washing of all interior pool surfaces where Nitrates attach themselves. This is practical only if the new water is virtually nitrate free, and not well water. Contact us for a quote to make your pool great again!

Pressure Washing
Brevard County Pool Cleaning

Always Clear Pool Cleaning also provides pressure washing. We use superior technology, customized cleaning formulas, and years of experience to give your home the attention it needs.