Our Black Pool Algae Cleaning Process

This kind of situation is known as a black pool, and there are two common ways it can happen. The first is if a hurricane pushes river or ocean water into your pool. The second is if, over a long period of time, debris has collected and the pool equipment hasn’t been functional enough to properly clean it out. In the second scenario, leaves and other debris rot and cause the net or pool filter to become completely clogged. Are you dealing with black pool algae? If so, our experienced swimming pool cleaners at Always Clear Pool Cleaning can help.

One method for cleaning black pools is to use a specially rigged pump to vacuum all the debris out of the pool. If that’s not possible, we can drain the pool, remove the debris, power wash the sides and bottom, then refill the water and balance the chemicals. For more information about black pool water or to schedule an appointment with our inground pool cleaners in Viera, contact us today!

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