Our Acid Wash & Nitrates Removal Process

Nitrates can make their way into pool water through plant debris, sprinkler water, soil, droppings from birds and other animals, fertilizer, and even sweat. They are a vital nutrient for plants, but NOT for swimming pools! Nitrates can highly accelerate the growth of pool algae by using up all the chlorine that is meant to attack nitrates. When properly maintained, an inground swimming pool will have low levels of nitrates and will not allow pool algae to gain a foothold. However, when nitrate levels are high, green pool algae can be tough to remove.

At Always Clear Pool Cleaning, our swimming pool cleaners have more than 26 years of experience removing nitrates in pools in Viera and select areas of Central Brevard County. It’s not an easy fix, and to do so, we’ll usually begin by completely removing the water from your backyard pool. From there, we’ll power wash all the interior surfaces where nitrates can potentially attach themselves. Once that’s done, your pool will be filled up, the pool chemicals will be properly balanced, and you can safely enter the water. To schedule an appointment, or to learn more about preventing green pool water, contact us today!

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