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What the Color of Your Pool Water Can Tell You

Does the color of your pool water worry you? Are you concerned that it may be detrimental to your health? Keeping your pool properly cleaned can help ensure the water remains a normal color and won’t impact your health!

At Always Clear Pool Cleaning in Melbourne, we provide top-rated pool cleaning and repair services to keep your pools in great shape and health. Read on to learn more about what the color of your pool water means. Contact our team today if you need to schedule a pool cleaning service.

Pool with green water in it.

Green Water

Green water generally indicates that copper is present in your pool water. When copper oxidizes in chlorinated water, it will turn the water a light, bright green. While small amounts of copper in your pool can be normal, high levels of copper can be dangerous. If you notice your water starting to turn green, be sure to schedule a cleaning and try to find the source of the copper.

Pool with dirty water.

Brown Water

Brown water usually means that there is iron present in your pool water. The orangish-brown color in your pool water is due to the fact that iron tends to rust, which causes it to produce that color. Iron in your pool can cause the walls, pump, equipment, and flooring to become stained with rust. It can also stain the nails and hair of those who swim in pool water that contains iron.

Pool with black water in it.

Black Water

If your pool water turns black, it is likely that silver is present in your pool. Similarly to how your silver jewelry can tarnish and turn black, when silver is oxidized by the chlorinated water of your pool, it will turn black. Black pool water can cause skin infections, eye infections, or bacterial infections, while also causing structural damage to your pool.

Pool with purple water.

Purple Water

Magnesium or manganese in your pool water will give it a purple hue when chlorine is added. Manganese can cause staining in and around your pool. If you have manganese in your pool water, it will appear clean until the chlorine is added.

If your pool water has turned a different color, be sure to contact Always Clear Pool Cleaning. We provide green pool cleaning, black pool cleaning, and acid wash and nitrate removal services, among many others. Learn more about our services and get a free quote today!