Pool Automation 101

From smart homes to smart pools, “automation” is the word on everyone’s lips when it comes to hot technology in 2020. But what exactly is automation, and how can it help you take your pool to the next level? In this blog post from Always Clear Pool Cleaning & Repair, we discuss pool automation and how it can benefit your swimming pool, your home, and your life. For the latest pool upgrades and automation technology in Central Brevard County, get in touch with Always Clear today!


Have you ever wished that maintaining your pool was easier? Of course you have! With pool automation technology, you can spend less time maintaining your pool and more time actually enjoying it. “Automation” refers to the use of “smart technology” to save you time and effort on performing certain procedures; “pool automation” is the use of smart technology to help you maintain and customize your pool.


Pool automation, like all automation technology, works by connecting your various pool technologies to a centralized, Internet-enabled hub, such as your smart phone or other smart device. With pool automation, you can monitor and control nearly all aspects of your swimming pool with the touch of a button or a simple voice command.

As long as you are connected to wifi, you can do this from wherever you are in the world, whether that’s your living room or on a vacation overseas! Should you lose Internet connection, as long as you’re at home, you will still be able to control your pool’s system from a centralized control pad. It’s that simple!


With smart technology improving in its efficiency and expanding in its scope all the time, the possibilities for pool technology are nearly endless! Some of the pool automation technology that our customers love most include:

  • Pool pumps: Seamlessly integrate your pool pump with your smart device to control the flow of water in your pool anytime, anywhere.
  • Lighting: Smart pool lighting allows you to control the ambience of your swimming pool at the click of a button; adjust the color and intensity of your pool lights for certain times of day or events. You can even pre-program and schedule light shows to dazzle your guests
  • Temperature: Connected your pool heater in order to control its temperature from anywhere; heat up your pool on the way home from work so that it’s ready to jump into when you get home!
  • Water features: Does your pool have laminar jets, fountains, waterfalls, or other stunning pool features (if not, we can install them for you!)? With pool automation technology, you can control your water features with ease.
  • Chlorinators: In our last blog post, we discussed the benefits of converting your swimming pool to a saltwater system. With smart pool technology, you can take your new chlorination system one step further by being able to monitor and adjust your salt level and chlorine output remotely.
  • Filter cleaning: Pool automation can also help you cut down your weekly maintenance responsibilities, including filter cleaning. Usually, filter cleaning requires the manual switching over of valves, running the pool pump, etc. With smart pool technology, you can black-flush your filter automatically, on schedule, every week, ensuring that it is always kept clean.
  • Robotic cleaners: Who hasn’t dreamed of sitting back and relaxing after a long day of work as someone else does their household chores for them? Robotic pool cleaners allow you to do just that, without having to hire outside staff (except for major cleaning). Robotic pool cleaners can be automated to traverse your pool daily, slowly working their way up the bottom, sides, and steps to vacuum up dust, particles, algae, and other debris into a self-contained canister. You can even pre-program the cleaner so that it knows the exact size of your pool and how long cleaning it will take.
  • Chemical filtration: Storing, monitoring, and adjusting chemicals in your pool is time-consuming, expensive, and potentially dangerous for families with young children. Automated chemical filtration systems monitor and adjust pH and sanitizing levels for you. Programmable chemical feed cycles and mix times allow you to save time and money, and give you peace of mind that your pool is clean and safe for all to enjoy.


Always Clear Pool Cleaning & Repair can make your pool “smarter” in several different ways. The most straightforward method is to install a remote pool management system which can allow you to monitor and control literally hundreds of setting parameters at once via an easy-to-use app and associated smart devices.

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