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How Many Times a Week Should a Pool be Cleaned?

If you have a pool, you know how much maintenance goes into it. Properly maintaining your pool is essential to the value of your home and the health of anyone who uses your pool. Your weekly pool cleaning should not be overlooked. In today’s post, Always Clear Pool Cleaning goes into the specifics of pool cleaning and what needs to be done when. Read on to learn more and contact us today!

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Consequences of not Doing a Regular Pool Cleaning

Even with the chlorinated water, your pool is a magnet for bacteria. Diseases like E. Coli, Cryptosporidium, or Giardia could be lurking, unseen in your pool. If you don’t do your regular weekly pool cleaning tasks, these diseases can infect you and your family and cause serious illness. Prevent illness by cleaning your pool regularly.

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Weekly Pool Cleaning Tasks

There are certain pool cleaning tasks that should be done a minimum of once a week. Among these are things like checking the pH balance of your pool and adjusting them as needed, testing your available chlorine levels, removing debris, chlorine shock treatment, cleaning the water line, brushing the water line, algae treatments, sand emptying your skimmer baskets. Make sure you commit to your weekly pool cleaning tasks so your pool remains well maintained and healthy.

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Monthly Pool Cleaning Tasks

There are some pool cleaning tasks that can be done less frequently. Every month or so, you should test a sample of your pool water to see the chemical balance. You should also deep clean your filters around once a month. Make sure your pool water is being properly filtered by keeping a close eye on your filters.


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