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Diving Into Common Pool Repairs: What You Need to Know

Welcome to the sparkling world of Always Clear Pool Cleaning, where we transform your backyard into a serene oasis. Living in the Sunshine State means year-round pool fun, but it also calls for maintenance to keep the good times rolling. If you've encountered pool problems, you're not alone. Here's a deep dive into the most common pool repairs, and remember, contact us now if you are in need of a pool repair in Melbourne, FL, and beyond. Help is just a splash away!

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Leaky or Clogged Pool Pumps

The heart of your pool's circulation system, the pump, can sometimes skip a beat. Leaky pumps might be waving red flags with worn pump lids, drain plugs, or pipes. On the other hand, clogged pumps, often victims of spring's shedding season, struggle with debris in the impeller vanes. Both issues can dampen your pool's performance, but fret not, as our pool pump repair service is here to restore harmony.

pool filter

The Dirt on Dirty Filters

Filters stand guard to ensure your pool's water is crystal clear. However, even these heroes need a helping hand. Cartridge filters have a lifespan of about 7 years, DE filters occasionally need new grids, and sand filters require a refresh every 7 years. Regular check-ins by a Florida pool service like us can prevent these minor issues from becoming poolside pandemonium.

cracked pool tile

Addressing Concrete Concerns

Time and elements can leave their marks on concrete or gunite pools, leading to cracks. These fissures not only mar your pool's beauty but can also be a source of water loss. Our professional pool repair service can take care of these pesky cracks to prevent further problems.

someone changing a skimmer

Skimmer Skirmishes

Skimmer leaks can arise from a variety of culprits, from concrete separation to worn-out gaskets in vinyl pools. These unsung heroes that keep debris at bay need a little love, too, ensuring they continue to protect your pool's cleanliness and water level.

As we navigate through these common pool repairs, remember that Always Clear Pool Cleaning is your ally. With our expertise in pool repair and maintenance, your pool will remain a source of joy and relaxation. Don't let pool problems put a damper on your swim time — contact us today for a free quote and let's dive back into the clear, blue waters together!

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