4 Cost-Effective Pool Upgrades

If you’ve had your pool for a while now, perhaps even decades, you’ve probably become used to all of its features. While sticking to what you know may seem comfortable, the truth is that the last few years have seen some huge advancements in pool technologies and equipment that could help take your swimming pool to a whole new level in terms of relaxation, fun, and cost-effectiveness. In this blog post, we discuss some of the latest trends in pool-related technology and how they can help you create the swimming pool of your dreams.

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Many homeowners find that swimming in a saltwater pool is much more enjoyable than a traditionally chlorinated one. Before we go into the benefits of converting your pool to a saltwater system, it’s important to explain exactly how saltwater pools work.

There is a common misconception that saltwater pools contain no chlorine. The truth is, however, that saltwater pools are chlorinated, they just convert salt into much less harsh chlorine than that used in traditional pools. To convert your pool to a saltwater system, you must first install a salt chlorine generator to the pool pump and filter system. A small amount of salt is then added to the water, which flows through the generator and is converted to pure chlorine by electrolysis.


  • Gentler on the body: Saltwater pools are much softer on the body than traditionally chlorinated pools, helping you avoid red eyes, itchy skin, and discolored hair. This makes for a much more pleasant experience than the stinging and burning associated with traditional pools.
  • Lower maintenance: Maintaining a salinated pool is easier than maintaining a traditionally chlorinated pool. Because your salt system converts salt into chlorine, you are not having to constantly add more chlorine to the pool. Additionally, handling chlorine can be very dangerous, as it is poisonous, flammable, and corrosive. When used improperly, it can cause serious illness or death. Protect yourself and your loved ones by switching to a salt system.
  • More cost-effective: While the conversion price may seem a bit costly upfront, over time your saltwater pool will pay for itself in spades due to reduced running costs. Purchasing swimming pool salt is much less expensive than purchasing chlorine. Unlike chlorine, salt does not constantly evaporate, so you are not faced with the frequent expenses of replacing evaporated chlorine. Instead, you merely have to pay the minimal costs of adding salt only a couple of times a season (at worst).


Did you know that your single speed pool pump could be your home’s second largest energy user, costing you as much as $560 in energy every year? Replacing your single speed pool pump with a variable speed pump can save you up to $450 per year in energy costs, according to the Energy Star program. This is because single speed pumps only operate at the highest speed, whereas variable speed pool pumps can provide the same amount of filtration with one-eighth the amount of energy.


  • Money-saving: In less than two years, your variable speed pool pump will pay for itself. In fact, it can save you up to $2,800 over its lifetime!
  • Quieter: No one likes a noisy pool. Switching to a variable speed pool pump will eliminate that annoying pool pump sound, as it is completely enclosed. This means that most of the noise generated is muffled, rather than released through vents. When operated at a low speed, you may not be able to hear it at all!
  • More durable: Because they are totally enclosed, the internal components of variable speed pool pumps are protected from damaging environmental elements. Furthermore, because they run at lower speeds and are fan-cooled, they remain much cooler than single speed pumps, giving them a longer lifetime.
  • Remote monitoring: Some variable speed pool pumps now have wireless capability, so they can be monitored, programmed, and adjusted from any smart device.


Heated pools provide the ultimate swimming experience, however they can greatly increase your energy costs. Heat pumps allow you to heat your inground swimming pool while saving you significant amounts of money. They essentially work like a reverse air conditioner, by transferring heat from the outside air to your swimming pool. Warm air is drawn over the evaporator coil by a fan, while your pool water runs through the heat exchanger and absorbs the heat. Heat pumps are an ideal option for hot climates, such as Florida.


  • Money-saving: With an electric heat pump you can maintain a constant temperature throughout the entire day while saving significant amounts of money compared to a propane or gas pool heater.
  • Perfect for hot climates: Heat pumps don’t work well in temperatures below 50 degrees Fahrenheit, however any Floridian can tell you that that’s no problem here!


The most energy-efficient lighting option available for pools today are light-emitting diode (LED) lights. An LED is a small semi-conductor that converts electrical energy directly into light; since there is no filament, LEDs do not heat up the way incandescent lights do, which waste up to 80% of their energy producing heat rather than light.


  • Money-saving: Because LEDs waste much less energy than incandescent lights, they can provide you with huge savings on your energy bill. They also can last up to six times longer than incandescent lights, making them the much more durable option. Although they cost more upfront than traditional lights, they will pay for themselves in the long run.
  • Safer: LED lights are also much brighter than incandescent lights. Adequate illumination of the pool and surrounding area is essential for keeping swimmers safe, especially at night.
  • Jazzier: LEDs let you add some cool to your pool! They come in many different color and color-changing options, bringing a whole new level of style to your surroundings. Many LED lighting systems include wireless capability, so you can monitor, pre-program, and adjust your pool lights’ colors from wherever you are in the world!

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