Pool Cleaning Service or Do It Yourself?

Swimming pools are a commitment as well as an enjoyable extravagance. It is a luxury because there are so many ways in which you can enjoy your pool and pool area. The pool is also a responsibility since it requires correct cleaning, maintenance and servicing. Neglecting any maintenance can result in major problems. It is not enough to merely remove the large debris and maintain the chemical balance of the water, but rather a regular weekly brushing of walls and steps and vacuuming need to occur to prevent algae and other matter from attaching to the pools surface. In addition the pump, motor, filter and other equipment must be inspected and serviced from time to time. You can buy pool service kits as well as drive (cost of time and gas) weekly to your local pool store to buy chemicals; but if you subtracted this cost from what a pool professional would charge you for weekly service, it would surprise you how affordable it is!!

Cleaning services such as these will eliminate all the debris and particulate matter from the water that has collected over time. The professionals from the pool cleaning company would handle all the chores, and they would balance the chemicals in the water. They would also inspect the pump and filter, clean the filter monthly or bi- monthly depending on the pool, and service any other equipment utilized in water filtration. If they notice any equipment related issues, or filter and “O” ring wear that would need to be replaced, or notice any leaking, they would leave a card as well as inform the pool company. The pool company would call to explain and get approval for any parts or repairs.

When your pool receives a quality cleaning, you can be sure that the water is safe for swimmers. Instead, you can take all the time you would have spent doing it yourself, and now enjoy your family and your pool!!!

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